For The Love of Coffee

Case Study

Tanamera Coffee


Tanamera Coffee is one of the biggest names in Indonesian coffee scene. Since its inception in early 2013, Tanamera Coffee has become one of the most respected brands amongst coffee enthusiasts and common people


Due to their fast growth and expansion, the brand essence of Tanamera Coffee didn’t really have the chance to take shape. Their promotional items had poor consistency with each of them speaking different visual languages. They feel that they need to streamline  their visual communication.


We created a new look that is bolder, more mature, and more confident. Throughout the process, we collaborate extensively with Tanamera team to ensure to ensure that the message they’re trying to convey comes across as clear as possible, visually.


Identity Design / Digital Design / Packaging

The word ‘Tanamera’ derives from an Indonesian phrase, “Tanah Merah” meaning ‘red soil’, which is an idiom for a fertile soil on which good ingredients are grown.